Our Story

Captain Code was founded on the back of a business management final project in 2015. I was still about 18 and the project was for a hypothetical business and I loved technology and how it could help out other businesses reach new clients and manage massive amounts of information. I had no experience in programming or any interest in building this kind of technology. Fast-forward to freshman fall in college. I was sitting in CSCI 134: Introduction to Computer Science, working primarily in Java. This class changed everything for me.

I learned that not only are computers fast and powerful but they are incredibly simple, some may even call them stupid. This blew my mind while opening several new possibilities. As I learned more about computer science and the fundamentals of computer, I also realized that several businesses struggle to grow because of mundane and repitive tasks that could easily be automated.

In June 2018, I dusted off my old business plan from 2015 and made some modifications to how I wanted to run the company and began to get to work. I helped out a few businesses and then a few more. And so, Captain Code was born and the story is continuously being developed. 

-Eddy Varela

Meet the Team

Eddy Varela

Founder and Head Developer

Williams College senior studying Math and Computer Science.